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Melba Libia Cárdenas


Welcome back to the HOW Journal. This time I am pleased to share with you two important pieces of news. First, our readership can now read and download the full version of the articles published in HOW in our website http://howjournalcolombia.org

This achievement has been possible thanks to the academic guidance of the PROFILE Journal at Universidad Nacional de Colombia, the support of the ASOCOPI Board of Directors, the dedication of the assistant to the HOW Journal Editor—Edwin Martínez—and the sponsorship of Pearson Colombia. All of them, together with our reviewers, have kindly understood our requests to engage in various tasks and invest precious time to make HOW more visible on-line. This way, we can reach a wider audience and comply with a very important requirement of evaluation policies for academic journals: to have an editorial process characterised by the Open Journal System.

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