Teachers as Mediators in Undergraduate Students' Literacy Practices: Two Pedagogical Experiences

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Carmen Helena Guerrero
Álvaro Quintero


In this article, we describe the pedagogical experiences of two in-service teachers developing literacy practices with their undergraduate students in EFL classes. Here the reader will learn about the connections we make between theory and practice regarding the role of the teacher in the development of undergraduate students' literacy dimensions. We also analyze the importance of teachers as mediators in the implementation of literacy activities at the university levels.

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Guerrero, C. H., & Quintero, Álvaro. (2016). Teachers as Mediators in Undergraduate Students’ Literacy Practices: Two Pedagogical Experiences. HOW, 11(1), 45–54. Retrieved from https://howjournalcolombia.org/index.php/how/article/view/178
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