Pre-Service Teachers’ Narratives: Why Did I Decide to Become an English Language Teacher?

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Nallely Garza-Rodríguez


Choosing a major is one of the most important decisions in one’s life. Understanding the aspects that intervene in this decision contribute to a better understanding of main motivational forces of English as a Foreign Language pre-service teachers. This qualitative descriptive study examined the personal, professional, and social motivations and experiences of 40 English as a Foreign Language pre-service teachers in the Mexican context that affected their decision to become English language teachers. Using an open written narrative (Language Learning History) instrument, participants wrote stories that showed the main reasons for choosing English teaching as a major. The results showed that personal and professional aspects including biographical experiences, a perceived ability to learn and teach English as well as teacher preparation program experiences are the most influential in this decision along with altruistic and intrinsic motives.

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Garza-Rodríguez, N. (2022). Pre-Service Teachers’ Narratives: Why Did I Decide to Become an English Language Teacher?. HOW Journal, 29(2), 101–117.
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Nallely Garza-Rodríguez, Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León

She holds a Major in Applied Linguistics and a Master’s in Education granted by UANL. She is a professor in the major of Applied Linguistics at UANL and a researcher She holds Bilingual Education from Texas A&M, University. Her research interest is in professional identity and teacher education.


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