Improving Reading Comprehension Skills through Reading Strategies Used by a Group of Foreign Language Learners

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Nancy Gómez Torres
Jhon Jairo Ávila Constain


A research study included the examination and implementation of a variety of strategies in order to improve students’ reading comprehension skills in a foreign language. Reading is the process of identification, interpretation and perception of written or printed material. Comprehension is the understanding of the meaning of written material and involves the conscious strategies that lead to understanding. The reading strategies are conscious techniques or unconscious processes employed by readers in their attempt to make sense of the written text (Barnett as cited by Gascoigne, 2005). Thus, the main goal of this piece of research was to implement some reading strategies in 2 elementary courses in EFL in order to obtain better results in the middle and long term in class and on ECAES, MICHIGAN, MELICET and PET tests.

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Gómez TorresN., & Ávila ConstainJ. J. (2009). Improving Reading Comprehension Skills through Reading Strategies Used by a Group of Foreign Language Learners. HOW Journal, 16(1), 55-70. Retrieved from
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Nancy Gómez Torres, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Montería

Nancy Gómez Torres is the Coordinator of the Language Center of Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana – Seccional Montería. She holds a B.Ed. with a specialty in English-Spanish from Universidad del Atlántico. She is a master’s candidate in Applied Linguistics to the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language from Universidad de León y Jaén – Spain.

Jhon Jairo Ávila Constain, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Montería

Jhon Jairo Ávila Constain is a full time teacher at Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana – Seccional Montería. He is currently studying for a master’s degree in education with an emphasis in English at Universidad del Norte – Barranquilla.


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