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Vol 24, No 2: (July/December 2017) Moving Forward, in Times of Reforms in the Evaluation of Scientific Journals Abstract   PDF   HTML
Melba Libia Cárdenas
Vol 9, No 1 (2001): HOW Multimedia Technology: A Pedagogical Cave of Aladdin Abstract   PDF
Dora Lucy Marín Peña
Vol 25, No 2: (July/December 2018) Needs Analysis in English for Academic Purposes: The Case of Teaching Assistants at the University of Khartoum Abstract   PDF   HTML
Abuelgasim Sabah Elsaid Mohammed, Hala Salih Mohammed Nur
Vol 16, No 1 (2009): HOW Observing before Learning: Visual Material for the Learning of English as a Foreign Language Abstract   PDF
Diana Benavides, Liliana Murcia, Mabel Niño
Vol 22, No 1: (April/September 2015) On Becoming a Good English Language Learner: An Exploratory Case Study Abstract   PDF   HTML
Damaris Ana Ruth Panzachi Heredia, Pedro Luis Luchini
Vol 19, No 1 (2012): HOW On Rethinking Our Classrooms: A Critical Pedagogy View Abstract   PDF
Yolanda Samacá Bohórquez
Vol 23, No 1: (April/September 2016) Othering: Towards a Critical Cultural Awareness in the Language Classroom Abstract   PDF   HTML
Sthephanny Moncada Linares
Vol 18, No 1 (2011): HOW Pair Negotiation When Developing English Speaking Tasks Abstract   PDF
Ingrid Liliana Bohórquez Suárez, Mary Mily Gómez Sará, Sindy Lorena Medina Mosquera
Vol 22, No 1: (April/September 2015) Personal Narratives: A Pedagogical Proposal to Stimulate Language Students’ Writing Abstract   PDF   HTML
Fredy Orlando Salamanca González
Vol 4, No 1 (1999): HOW Play Games, Learn Words and Speak English Abstract   PDF
Edmundo Mora
Vol 25, No 1: (January/June 2018) Pre-Service English Teachers’ Voices About the Teaching Practicum Abstract   PDF   HTML
Jairo Enrique Castañeda-Trujillo, Ana Jackelin Aguirre-Hernández
Vol 16, No 1 (2009): HOW Pre-service Teachers’ Knowledge Base at La Salle University Abstract   PDF
Anderson Cárdenas, Juan Manuel Suárez Osorio
Vol 20, No 1 (2013): HOW Process Writing and the Development of Grammatical Competence Abstract   PDF
Marco Tulio Artunduaga Cuéllar
Vol 12, No 1 (2005): HOW Project Work at All Levels Abstract   PDF
Rosalba Cárdenas
Vol 18, No 1 (2011): HOW Project Work Implementation in a Virtual Colombian Public University Environment Abstract   PDF
Yakelin Salinas
Vol 16, No 1 (2009): HOW Promoting Critical Thinking through the Use of Portfolios and Self-assessment Abstract   PDF
Sandra Patricia Torres Díaz
Vol 8, No 1 (2001): HOW Promoting Meaningful Learning in the English Class Abstract   PDF
Edmundo Mora
Vol 8, No 1 (2001): HOW Promoting Research in the Teaching-Practice of the Modern Language Licenciatura Programs Abstract   PDF
Liliana del Pilar Gallego Castaño, Josefina Quintero Corzo, Carmen Tulia Zuluaga Corrales
Vol 10, No 1 (2003): HOW Promoting Student Autonomy Through Self-Assessment and Learning Strategies Abstract   PDF
Ana María Sierra, Cristina Frodden
Vol 14, No 1 (2007): HOW Public School Students’ Performance in an EFL Cooperative Work Environment Abstract   PDF
John Jairo Viáfara González, María Eugenia López Hurtado
Vol 10, No 1 (2003): HOW Question-based Writing Process: A Reflection and a Proposal to L2 Writing Abstract   PDF
Ruth Angela Ortiz
Vol 3, No 1 (1998): HOW Reading and Writing Connections: A Way to Motivate Students to Read Abstract   PDF
Elizabeth Barragán Hernández, Sandra Torres Weissleder
Vol 16, No 1 (2009): HOW Reading beyond the Classroom: The Effects of Extensive Reading at USTA, Tunja Abstract   PDF
Nery Yolanda Ruíz de Guerrero, Arias Rodríguez Gladis Leonor
Vol 24, No 2: (July/December 2017) Reading Comprehension Course Through a Genre-Oriented Approach at a School in Colombia Abstract   PDF   HTML
Andrés Rodríguez Sánchez
Vol 13, No 1 (2006): HOW Reading in the Foreign Language Classroom: Students’ Perception of the Interrelation among the Context, Reading Materials and Themselves as Readers Abstract   PDF
Eduardo Di Ridolfo Marquina, Harold Murillo Tovar
Vol 22, No 2: (October 2015/March 2016) Reading Logs and Literature Teaching Models in English Language Teacher Education Abstract   PDF   HTML
Ornella Ochoa Delarriva, Enrique Alejandro Basabe
Vol 4, No 1 (1999): HOW Reading Techniques Abstract   PDF
María Emilia Acosta, Juan Carlos Castillo
Vol 9, No 2 (2002): HOW Recommendations to Implement in Language Programs Abstract   PDF
Edmundo Mora, Aaron Scott Rogers
Vol 22, No 2: (October 2015/March 2016) Reflection on Teachers’ Personal and Professional Growth Through a Materials Development Seminar Abstract   PDF   HTML
Astrid Núñez Pardo, María Fernanda Téllez Téllez
Vol 23, No 2: (July/December 2016) Reflections on Critical Incidents of EFL Teachers During Career Entry in Central Mexico Abstract   PDF   HTML
M. Martha Lengeling, Irasema Mora Pablo
Vol 26, No 1: (January/June 2019) Reflections on Educational Issues among Modern Language Students Abstract   PDF
Anna Carolina Peñaloza, Jhonatan Vasquez Guarnizo
Vol 12, No 1 (2005): HOW Reflective Teaching Abstract   PDF
Alicia Cabrero
Vol 25, No 2: (July/December 2018) Reflective Teaching: An Approach to Enrich the English Teaching Professional Practice Abstract   PDF   HTML
Marian Lissett Olaya Mesa
Vol 8, No 1 (2001): HOW Responding to Children's Learning Styles Abstract   PDF
Melba Libia Cárdenas
Vol 10, No 1 (2003): HOW Responding to Our Students' Writing: What is Good for Us and for Them? Abstract   PDF
Joellen Simpson
Vol 24, No 1: (January/June 2017) Review and Analysis of the Colombian Foreign Language Bilingualism Policies and Plans Abstract   PDF   HTML
Mary Mily Gómez Sará
Vol 24, No 2: (July/December 2017) Review of the book From transnational language policy transfer to local appropriation: The case of the National Bilingual Program in Medellín, Colombia Abstract   PDF   HTML
Norbella Miranda
Vol 22, No 2: (October 2015/March 2016) Review of the book Understanding language classroom contexts: The starting point for change, by M. Wedell & A. Malderez Abstract   PDF   HTML
Melba Libia Cárdenas
Vol 18, No 1 (2011): HOW Reviewing the Intersection between Foreign Language Teacher Education and Technology Abstract   PDF
John Jairo Viáfara
Vol 25, No 1: (January/June 2018) Revisiting the Need for Critical Research in Undergraduate Colombian English Language Teaching Abstract   PDF   HTML
Carlo Granados-Beltrán
Vol 9, No 1 (2001): HOW Second Language Acquisition Research: A Proposal for a Shift of Emphasis in Applied Linguistics Abstract   PDF
Luis Fernando Gómez, Luz Mariela Osorio, Luz Janneth Osorio
Vol 2, No 1 (1997): HOW Sharing Short Stories With Children in EFL Classrooms: A Way to Achieve Success in EFL Education Abstract   PDF
Amparo Clavijo Olarte
Vol 20, No 1 (2013): HOW Social Values Reflections Through the Use of EFL Storytelling: An Action Research with Primary Students Abstract   PDF
Claudia Milena Gómez Combariza, María Ximena Rodríguez Chapetón, Vanessa Alejandra Rojas Rincón
Vol 14, No 1 (2007): HOW Socio-Cultural Stereotypes: Exploring Students’ Perceptions Regarding Social Issues Abstract   PDF
Mayra Liliana Barrera Mora, Sandra Milena Cantor Trujillo
Vol 3, No 1 (1998): HOW Some Ideas About Resource Centers Abstract   PDF
Edmundo Mora
Vol 4, No 1 (1999): HOW Some Syllabi Descriptions: Strengths and Weaknesses Abstract   PDF
Aida Bastidas, Vicente Araujo
Vol 5, No 1 (2000): HOW Some Techniques to Improve Speaking and Writing Skills Abstract   PDF
Edmundo Mora
Vol 24, No 2: (July/December 2017) Standardized Test Results: An Opportunity for English Program Improvement Abstract   PDF   HTML
Maureyra Jiménez, Caroll Rodríguez, Lourdes Rey Paba
Vol 20, No 1 (2013): HOW Storyboards and Reading Comprehension of Literary Fiction in English Abstract   PDF
José Mario Molina Naar
Vol 9, No 2 (2002): HOW Strategic Planning for an L2 Program Abstract   PDF
Rigoberto Castillo
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